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Yep, even you.
Really? Another tool aggregator?

   - Everybody

Yep. Another tool aggregator. But this one's a little different ...


Well, first, because it was built by two people—neither of whom is a developer.

In fact, we speak “code” just slightly better than we speak Spanish. Which is to say, ish.

We’re just a designer and a content strategist who wanted to build something cool for the community. Something cool that, normally, we’d definitely need to hire a developer for.

In San Francisco’s current tech climate, hiring a dev would’ve added ~$150 an hour (at least) to our budget … of exactly $0.

So instead, we used Webflow—and Webflow’s first-ever Hack Day.

We did this for you.

Second, this tool aggregator’s all about you. We’ve seen all kinds of sites that collect and categorize tools, but we wanted our site to focus on you, your profession, and the tools you use.

That’s why we ask who you are first thing. And why we can’t wait to get your submissions.

We did this fast.

Super fast! We (mostly) built it in under 24 hours from start to finish—all in Webflow. The hardest part was finding and cropping logos for the thumbnails!

We'll keep adding new tools—and you should too.

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